Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys

Drone surveys are a faster, safer and more cost-efficient way to survey at height. Sometimes referred to as aerial surveys, drone surveys are an increasingly popular method of surveying from the air. NRA Roofing can offer clients professional and fully experienced pilots trained to PFCO standard.

For roof inspections or large building surveys, drones are fast becoming the sensible choice for end clients and surveyors. Offering great advantages in safety and speed of access, NRA Roofing are able to access all areas of your roof to ascertain condition and potential repair requirements.

NRA Roofing can provide real time video footage of roof areas which would be difficult to inspect with the use of more conventional methods. Drones enable an excellent insight into a buildings condition and structural configuration, and through HD video, are able to identify health and safety hazards such as fragile roof decks and other obstructions or features without putting anybody at risk.

Take advantage of NRA Roofing’s drone roof survey service and significantly minimise the costs which can come with hiring a cherry picker or erecting scaffolding in order to survey your roof.

We can offer initial roof condition surveys, progress surveys and post completion surveys for buildings throughout the whole of the UK. We hold all necessary Public Liability Insurance, CAA Pilot Approvals, CSCS qualifications and industry accreditations.