Green Roofing Systems

Green Roofing Systems

Green roofing systems are gradually becoming more and more popular as people become aware of their impact on the environment and try to lower their carbon footprints. Not only are green or living roofs the ideal way to do this, but they also provide a beautiful feature for your property, enhancing its visual appearance.

Green roofs are covered with plants, vegetation or soil and can be constructed to include irrigation and drainage layers, to keep your green roof in the best condition. There are many benefits to having a green roof, these include:

  • Control of rainwater run-off
  • Sustainable eco-habitat for plants and wildlife
  • Incorporate recycled materials
  • Much reduced energy costs
  • Enhanced thermal and noise insulation
  • Creates a cooling effect in hot weather city environment

NRA Roofing have been constructing green roofs for many years and will assist you with the design, installation and maintenance of your living roof to ensure a cost effective, attractive and sustainable roofing solution.

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