Felt Roofing

NRA Roofing have established a solid reputation as one of the premier felt roofing specialists, installing high quality felt roofs using tried and tested traditional methods of application, alongside the latest techniques, to ensure a long lasting, functional and high quality felt roofing system.

Felt roofs are one of the most conventional and popular roofing systems around for both small and large scale projects, thanks to the versatility of their application and the array of benefits they afford, such as:

  • High quality materials with extended guarantees
  • Seamless covering on flat roofs
  • Resilient and extremely durable
  • Versatile - flat, pitched or curved roofs

Not only that, but the variety of effective application techniques ensures swift, easy and effective installation in all manner of circumstances.

We use the Finest Quality Materials & Latest Techniques

As approved felt roofing contractors, with full manufacturer training, we can assure you of a felt roof that is built to last, fully guaranteed, cost effective and suitable for your specific requirements. Simply give us a call to find out more.

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